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  • Know the Faith.  Defend the Faith Blog

    • November 13
      - William Hemsworth
      The Background of Amos and Its Implications Today
      Though the they have been forgiven repeatedly, YAHWEH is holding them to a higher standard. The rituals that they have engaged in have not been enough. Though they may be circumcised physically, their hearts are not, and they are not acting like a people who had been chosen by God
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    • November 12
      - William Hemsworth
      Abraham: A Model of Faith
      Abraham’s story of faith and trust is also a model for us today.
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    • November 5
      - William Hemsworth
      Reason And Development Of The Will
      Humanity was created uniquely different than the rest of creation. God created humans with the ability to reason, with five senses to help us learn, and free will.
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    Welcome to the web page of the Tucson Center of Catholic Apologetics.  The goal of the institute is to equip Catholics of Southern Arizona with the tools needs to learn and defend their faith.  This is done using social media, youtube, podcasting, and in person seminars and classes.  All of these classes are free if done in Southern Arizona.  If outside of area we ask for a modest donation for travel expenses.  No fees!  Contact us today to learn more.