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  • Know the Faith.  Defend the Faith Blog

    • July 15
      - William Hemsworth
      Grace, Free Will, and the Beautific Vision
      One cannot get to Heaven, no matter how many good works, without grace. Once received there is the possibility, through free will, to reject this grace.
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    • July 11
      - William Hemsworth
      Abortion and Moral Theology
      Life is precious, and it is something that must be protected from the beginning of life to natural death.
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    • July 9
      - William Hemsworth
      The Problem With Pelagianism
      Pelagianism makes grace superfluous to beatitude because it removes the need for grace. If one can do it himself what is the need for God to be involved. It makes Jesus into a wise moral teacher instead of the divine Son of God who came to take away the sins of the world.
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    Welcome to the web page of the Tucson Center of Catholic Apologetics.  The goal of the institute is to equip Catholics of Southern Arizona with the tools needs to learn and defend their faith.  This is done using social media, youtube, podcasting, and in person seminars and classes.  All of these classes are free if done in Southern Arizona.  If outside of area we ask for a modest donation for travel expenses.  No fees!  Contact us today to learn more.